Monday, January 09, 2012

The Big Bang theory is better than Community.

Hello! I haven't been blogging for about a week. (which is not as long as my few month long hiatus, but I'm still not used to blog...


I haven't been blogging for about a week. (which is not as long as my few month long hiatus, but I'm still not used to blogging on a close-to-daily basis). Anyway, I am watching a new show which one of my course mates introduced to me. It's called:

And this show is rather awesome as there is a quite handsome man in it.
You may now proceed to guess whom I think the handsome man is. It's quite funny, but I STILL THINK THIS BIG BANG THEORY IS FUNNIER.
Please and now I will proceed to tell you my reasons for liking The Big Bang Theory over Community.
1. Jim Parsons.
Pls his very presence in the show is already reason enough to watch it, follow it, rewatch it and to function on a sleep-deprived, caffeine-fuelled lifestyle. He is truly awesome and the number of facial expressions that he has can trump my vocabulary.
'nuff said.

2. The things that Sheldon say.
 Leonard: Sure, the more the merrier. 

Sheldon: Wait, no. That's a false equivalency. More does not equal merry. If there was 2000 people in this apartment right now, would we be celebrating? No, we'd be suffocating. 
How is this not funny right?! Okay I am tired now. But I feel my arguments are very convincing anyway. So I will leave you with a video that I was watching this morning.

I checked on Wikipedia, they went through all this trouble just to eat the bee larvae. Which you can watch them do in the end. JEEZ. Talk about hard up for food. I can't even be bothered to queue up, let alone travel for 30 minutes to get some FAMOUS NASI LEMAK or FAMOUS CHAR KWAY TEOW and here are these crazy wasps fighting their way through 30,000 bees.


Also after watching this, I have come up with some guidelines. I have called them "TO LIKE OR NOT TO LIKE: GUIDELINES ON CREATURES". So basically there are always some animals that we don't quite like. And here is a set of definitive guidelines to minimise confusion over whether a creature is truly despicable or not.

So may i present you with...

If a creature tests positive for all the criteria, it is truly despicable. If it appears to test negative for everything, then you may love it, cherish it and take photos of it to post on your blog everyday.

1. Creature has more than 4 legs. creatures that fall under this include spiders, roaches, and insects. This does not exclude multi-legged creatures which lost their legs in freak accidents (eg: getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner by yours truly).

2. Creature is animate. If the creature can move and is alive. KILL IT. Then you may dislike it a bit less. Anyway inanimate creatures are okay. Creature shaped chairs, stools, tables, and benches are totally fine and you may sit on them even though some may have 5 legs or more.

3. Creature is smaller than you. If the creature is bigger than you, chances are, it is furry and/or cuddly (or cartoons may depict it to be that way. eg: Simba in Lion King, Mooshu in Mulan, etc etc).

4. Creature has no legs. This includes worms, cocoons, and pupae. reptiles like snakes are not so bad I guess. I will make another criteria so that snakes won't be so ew.

5. Creature is not a mammal, reptile, bird or amphibian. If I missed anything out which should truly be on the uncreepy list please let me know.

Okay and there you have a list of guidelines to determine whether a wriggling/moving thing you are looking at is gross or not.

Okay and now it is time to go to sleep so that I may go to work all bright and shiny in the morning.

♥ Jac.

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