Monday, January 16, 2012

Before CNY

Hello everyone! I have decided that blogging is a weekly activity. Because doing it on a daily basis is very tedious.I have realised that ...

Hello everyone!

I have decided that blogging is a weekly activity. Because doing it on a daily basis is very tedious.I have realised that I am no longer the very free and also carefree student with a lot of time and a lot of content to blog about. If I do blog about my daily happenings (as I did before), I would be blogging about the stressfulness that is working life and how I hate checking my email at work. But enough of that.

Firstly, I would now like to blog about a cat. So Bernard was parking his car below his block yesterday when he spotted this very daring cat.

Eventually kitty cat got bored of playing the part of the neighbourhood watch. But he got stuck.
And all he could do was to stare at us while we told him that he shouldn't have done that.
I was packing my sister's books a while ago. My clever sister. She flew to the UK and left us to pack her stuff, cart it to the new house and unpack it for her.

Do you know how much stuff the sister has? A LOT. hoarder.

Anyway I found this book in her extensive stash.
It is a very good and interesting book which takes about 15 minutes to complete. It's like a pseudo notebook-dictionary of Singlish.

Let me quote you one entry.
for.a.zum.per [four-air-zamper]
The correct Singlish pronounciation of for example.

Let me give you another azumper.

gone case [Eng. gone case]
Something or someone that which cannot be salvaged, rectified, repaired or redeemed. Too far gone.
"Your handphone drop on the floor and break into so many parts...I think gone case already."
HOW IS THIS NOT FUNNY?!! This book is very wonderful and i love it very much.

Also the OGLS went out for steamboat last week and we were stuffed. We were also too busy eating and playing charades to take photos so here is one photo of about one-tenth of the food we actually consumed.(ya charades. we are strange like this.)
On to a different topic! Bernard and I went to handburger last week! I truly love handburger. ActuallyAcherly, I love all burgers in general.

Yes yes so we went to handburger. AND BECAUSE I CAN, here are some pictures of Bernard to feast your eyes on.
All taken with the new camera that Bernard got me for Christmas! I have named it Timbaland. Have I mentioned this already? I forget. As I am growing old and fogetful.

Speaking of old, I have decided that I have a duty to be more vain and to look after my ageing self. So one of the things I have done is to buy this mask.
It is called RAW JOB'S TEARS okay. And then there is a picture of this guy on the box. I cannot find his picture on my box. I must have tore him out. Let me google.
Okay this man! His name is NIU ER. I do not know what he does.

So anyway he was on the box next to the words "made from RAW JOB'S TEARS" So obviously, I thought they were made from his tears okay. And that this guy's name was Job. Luckily for him, I was wrong.

I bought this mask not because of this man (who is taiwanese according to Ness). I bought it because my colleagues who all have very good complexion said that this mask is good. (and also the mask was on offer. $19.90 instead of $29.90. so I bought an undisclosed number of boxes.)

From what I can tell, RAW JOB'S TEARS is like an extract from some Taiwanese plant and it does not come from Niu Er crying over something.

Anyway this mask is very cute. The box contains directions for you to cut it up and to reassemble it into a drawer. Which is what I did.
VERY POINTLESS RIGHT?! I cannot even fit my face masks in. UPSET.

Okay and now I will go to sleep because Raj Koothrappali said that Tyra Banks said that a good night's rest it the most important beauty tool of all.

♥ Jac.

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