Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello :) I am back after about close to four months of not blogging. Truly, I do not know if anyone will ever read this entry after such a...

Hello :)

I am back after about close to four months of not blogging. Truly, I do not know if anyone will ever read this entry after such a long hiatus. I also do not understand how I previously did this blogging everyday thing. Some reasons that I have come up with include a lack of interest in deadlines and also a general lack of interest in studying.

So what have I been doing for the past 4 months? Well, mostly I have been very boring and really have a lack of a social life. But because I am blogging, I will post photos from the more happening times of my more or less boring life.

So, here's my birthday! Celebrated it with the best people in the world! Starting with my uni friends. They are really awesome.

See all the good presents that they gave me?! Bobbi Brown brush cleaner, HTC phone cover, Topshop belt, and Topshop fashion tape!

Truly, they are really the best.

James even brought his bear out for me!
His name is stupid idiot. Why? Because I gifted him to James and thus got the honour of naming him :).

And my JC friends "surprised" me too! At vivocity. As this is the only shopping mall I go to now considering where I work (Labrador Park. I walk dogs for a living). They got me a cake from Awfully Chocolate. Seriously, joining Chinese Orchestra may truly be the best mistake of my life.
Bernard was really awesome. He brought me to MBS for my birthday!

It was really fun, we had a club room and got to eat free food.O kay free for me, but bernard paid for the room which came with the free food and I'm guessing that he had to pay quite a lot to make it free for me.

Don't go there during the peak season though. We went there in like, AUGUST and it was already seemingly packed. Can't imagine what it'll be like during chinese new year or something.

I also found time to meet the nettester.

Because of the nature and location of my work I get to see Ness a lot. That is really a very big job perk. This is us at her cubicle.

We also celebrated Thad's birthday!

Yes this is Bernard and I at his birthday. It is a little out of place here but I don't care. I feel it is a nice photo.

We even managed to squeeze in a little time for clubbing!

AND. I even got to celebrate Halloween! Pls i was very proud of my outfit.

Can you not see the awesomeness that is my tattoos? This is now my current display picture on Facebook. Mag was a ninja. But she quit halfway because you know, breathing under a mask that is an old jc t-shirt can be quite, stuffy.

This hongkong bunch was standing in the line in front of us at Rebel and commenting OH SO LOUDLY at the wonderfulness that was my tat sleeves. I was very proud. And pleased that I could understand Cantonese. (Thank you mummy).

We also celebrated James' birthday at one altitude!

I also went for a course for work and made many friends, And even got acquainted to some old friends (whom I never talked to in uni but talk to quite a lot now).

And I even found time to go for the La Senza Christmas show with Nessie!

And this has been my life for the past 4 months. Sure, it looks very happening when I put it this way. But compared to the club-twice-to-thrice-a-week person I was last time, this Jac is like, old and loserish.

But I still have fodder to blog about. Like Christmas, and my bf who was wonderful enough to add another charm onto my Tiffany bracelet and buy me a CAMERA. OMG A CAMERA.

Oh and I have shifted! I now live on the 40th floor with a view that includes Bukit Timah Hill. However, I am rather sleepy now and it is time for me to continue the never ending packing that comes with shifting.

Goodnight y'all!
♥♥♥♥♥ Jac.

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