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Hello everyone! So it has been a week since my first baking exploit and I am proud to tell everyone that I have baked 3 more times since. ...

Hello everyone!

So it has been a week since my first baking exploit and I am proud to tell everyone that I have baked 3 more times since. That's 4 times in a week! And I am truly proud of all my creations.

So I started out with these good puffins on day one.

And two days later, I baked chocolate puffins! Which I sadly forgot to photograph. On sunday, I decided to bake something different and ventured into non-puffin territory.

YUMMY BANANABERRY MUFFINS BY BAKERELLA! Or BLAFFINS as I call them. And here's how bakerella says you should make them.

Step one is to "Sift flour, baking powder, salt and sugar together with a wire whisk. Which I did!!! Okay I didn't sift the ingredients as I did not know that there was a sift in my house but still I think I did an admirable job in breaking up the lumps.

Step two -  "Add butter, eggs, bananas and vanilla." So I mashed up the bananas..

Added eggs to my flour mix..

And then my table looked like this.

And in case you wondering about the scientific calculator in the background, I am very new at this baking thing and I use it to convert cups, ounces and what not into comprehensible STANDARD UNITS. MILLILITRES, MILLIGRAMS AND CUBIC CENTIMETRES FTW! (Okay not really standard, but part thereof).

Anyway, on to step 3 - "Mix on low until just combined." As  I am lazy to wash a mixer, I did it by hand and it turned out just fine (Y).

Added the blueberries in.

And into the muffin cups they went!

Followed by the microwave oven.

they baked for about 30 mins and then out they came!
And they were perfect!!!

Very yummy blaffins indeed. (Okay the picture is not that great but they tasted wonderful, I promise you).

And so that was baking attempt number 3. And today (2 days later) I made another attempt at baking because you know, this is what unemployed people do. Anyway! This is what I baked - chocolate cupcakes from Martha Stewart's website (Y).

Okay so this was the first step -"Into a medium bowl, sift together cocoa, flour, baking powder, and salt; set aside."

As you can see, I have found a sift in my house but I didnt really know how to use it. So like, flour was flying everywhere. But everyone was asleep and no one has to know.

Then, "In a mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy."

I just assumed that this was light and fluffy because my arm was starting to ache.

"Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each, then beat in vanilla." So you see I added one egg in,

And then the mixture obtained this very nice consistency.

But after adding all the eggs....

Looks like broken up tauhuey pls. These recipes, it would be helpful for them to describe how stuff are supposed to look at each stage. So that noobs like me won't freak out over broken-tauhuey-like consistencies.

Anyway, the next step was "With mixer on low speed, add flour mixture in two batches, alternating with sour cream and beginning and ending with flour."

So I was supposed to have sour cream but I overlooked it. I mean like, CHOCOLATE MUFFINS ARE NOT SOUR. So I assumed that I did not have to buy sour cream. And now you know how truly noob I am at all this.

But no fear! As I learnt from making puffins, I could make buttermilk by combining milk and lemon juice! So I thought maybe i could use some ingredients I had at home to make sour cream. And as it turns out, you can make a sour cream by adding butter to buttermilk.


I also used my Nike bottle for measurements but as Cheryl was laughing at me online, iI will refrain from posting photos. Although I am very proud of using my bottle in this baking process. Okay I will just post a photo of how I started out so that my Nike bottle may be truly recognised for it's contributions. My calculator too. And my phone. As my printer has no ink, my phone plays a vital part in the baking process.

ANYWAY, with the sour cream done, I proceeded to mix everything together.


This went into the muffin cups..


They tasted very good and I am extremely pleased with myself. Okay off to bed!

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