Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am the new Martha Stewart.

hello! so recently i decided that i was somehow destined to bake in my tiny kitchen at least once in my life. subconsciously, i figured if ...


so recently i decided that i was somehow destined to bake in my tiny kitchen at least once in my life.
i figured if this woman who usually looks like this

could prance around the kitchen without messing up her hair or breaking her nails and yet somehow churn out wonders,
so could i.

of course i did not look like this.
at all.
but i blame it on the weather.
singapore is humid.
usa is not.
this is why her hair is nice and neat and mine was plastered to my head.

i decided to try making these!

Mini Maple Pancake Muffins!
or puffins.
as i like to call them.
i was thinking of other names that revolved around pancakes and muffins.
but um, mancakes sounded wrong.
so i decided to stick with puffins!

so here's where i got the recipe from!!
recommended by the wonderful cheryl lim.

this is cheryl lim (and me).
she is wise beyond her years and was the one who told me about martha stewart and bakerella.
actually i already knew about martha stewart as my mother had this mild obssession with her a few years back.
which explains why mad and i were taking photos with her in Macy's NYC when normal people in Macy's were like,
well i don't know,

but i digress!

so i decided to make puffins today!
and i went around buying mini muffin cups, flour, baking chocolate and milk!
i also tried to get many ingredients from bernard like flour and vanilla essence.
but it turns out that people who dont bake (aka bernard and i) don't really have flour lying around the house.
we both have corn flour though.
and he had vanilla essence because we baked cookies with his then new microwave oven once.


so here are my ingredients.
bakerella said i must have like a list of things.....and told me to combine them in certain ways.
otherwise known as a recipe.

i have added little gingerbread men to the screenshot to give it a bit of baking festivity.

so step one was to "Preheat oven to 350 degrees."
i tell you i do not have an oven okay.
i have a microwave oven.
it is a good microwave oven which is also functions as a grill and a convection oven.

so i went over to preheat it and seriously,
i panicked because it only went up to 250 degrees celsius.
so i called cheryl who laughed at me non-stop when i asked her if the 350 degrees was in fahrenheit or celsius.

then this oven did not want to preheat itself.
so i had to call bernard to ask him why my oven did not feel like preheating.
i feel my microwave oven wanted bernard to feel needed in my quest for producing baked goodness.

that accomplished,
i went on to step 2 "Combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and sugar in a medium bowl. Sift together with a wire whisk."

see this is what i did.
i actually was going to use a spoon but i found this in the drawers.
i did not know that we possessed such an item in the wong kitchen.

then i went on to the next step!
"In another bowl, stir buttermilk, egg, maple syrup and melted butter until just combined."

you see this BUTTERMILK.
shop and save at westmall does not have it.
so i googled "how to make buttermilk".
because i assumed that it was just butter and milk.
and i could maybe find a way to mix the two together.

i was wrong.
buttermilk is just milk and lemon juice!
and you just let it SIT there for 5 minutes and not touch it for best results.

this is my lemon.
it is very yellow because my kitchen uses yellow light.

yes and this is my buttermilk!
i decided to use my Nike bottle because it has measurements marked out and also i was lazy to dig out the proper measuring jar.

then i could continue with step 3!

you know the recipe said "Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir with a spoon until combined"?
i was very puzzled as i did not know what "until combined" was.
but oh well.
i managed.

then STEP 4!
"Stir in chocolate chips. Reserve a few chips to sprinkle on the tops."
of course i could not be bothered to buy chocolate chips because they were on a higher shelf and $1 more expensive than the van houten baking chocolate.
so i figured i could use that instead.
so i went about chopping up my chocolate.

please look at the chocolate chips i made.
i am really so fantastically proud of myself.

and then i stirred them in!

and then the next step is "Bake for 8-9 minutes."

so let me elaborate as i have never done this before and also omg my new mini silicone muffin cups are so cute!!!!

just in the oven...

and VOILA!
just out!


and because this is my first time baking,
i had to pose with my tasty confections.

let's just say that i was so gorgeous that i didn't want to make you feel like the ugliest person on earth after seeing my most glamorous photo.

okay thank you for reading my blog post people.
i am going to go to sleep a very happy girl.

♥, jac.

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