Sunday, June 12, 2011

♥ from LA.

hello everyone. so recently, and by recently i mean within the last two months or so, i finished the last lap of my academic life. it is ver...

hello everyone.
so recently,
and by recently i mean within the last two months or so,
i finished the last lap of my academic life.
it is very sad as i like school very much.
it is easy to say this after i have finished all my readings/homework/assignments/exams.
and i love my friends very much.

okay anyway to commemorate the end of my schooling career,
bernard and i went to USA!
i love usa.
i want to live there forever.
by this i mean of course to live there for one month, spend all my money, and come back to singapore, and then repeat.
if i lived in the states forever i am quite sure that i will not enjoy it as much.
as it is cold and freezing.
and also because i spend a lot of money there.
i have a very low threshold for sales.
and cheap things.
and pretty things.
even lower when all three groups intersect.

so bernard and i took ana airlines.
because flights via tokyo are super cheap now.
round trip for 1.8k.
we could have bought them at 1.5k but you see.
hate it when that happens.

so this is us waiting to board our plane.
because the last time bernard went to the states was like,
13 years ago.
he was very excited and took photos of practically everything!
and everything he photographed was done so numerously.
let me illustrate.

hahahaha he is very funny.
of course there are more shots of aeroplane windows, wings and aeroplanes but um,
9 is enough to make my point i feel.

anyway there were many people on the plane apart from bernard and i.
but personally,
i feel that this was the cutest being on board the flight.


okay moving on.
our first meal in the states was at..

i love in and out burgers!
they are wonderful and they have their own slaughterhouse where they slaughter their own cows so their beef is very good and fresh and omg i want a burger now.

our host was this very good man.
his name is mr. goodman.
he is very good and kind and we stayed at his house during out stint in LA.
so this was our very huge room.

complete with a bathroom and bathtub and shower area!

however i do not have pictures of the shower area and bathtub.
anyway this room and bathroom,
is very very big.
i think i can hold a party for 50 people in it.
actually the whole mansion is very big.
as it is a mansion.
you see they have space to put a giraffe into the house.
and this giraffe is rather tall.

see when bernard (1.85m) stands next to it he is so much shorter.
and i cannot even get the giraffes head in the picture even though i was hafl-lying on the floor.
(yes it was a very awkward angle).

oh there was also a gorilla near the giraffe.
i like the gorilla very much.
it wa my favourite part of the house.

oh there was also a cellar with armour and an attic and also a self playing grand piano.

anyway this is the back of the house.

this is half of the back actually.
my camera lens is not wide enough to capture everything.
also this is the backyard.
in bits and pieces.

this is bernard in a rocking chair.
it is my favourite chair in the house and i like it very much.
when i have a big house i will surely have a rocking chair like this.

and there is also a telephone booth with a working telephone in it.

also a hammock and a fantastic view.

it overlooks the pacific ocean!
which is the deep blue stuff in the background just behind all the green stuff.
i didnt realise that it was the sea.
i thought it was the sky at first.
until bernard started laughing at me.
the goodmen (mr. and mrs. goodman) said that sometimes it is hard to discern the sea from the sky and it was foggy on the day i came.

and this is us with like the background.
we took it with the timer because it would be swaku to ask them to take photos for us in their house.

the goodmen took us out for dinner the night we arrived!
i had a personal pizza.
which was of course bigger than my face.
as i was in america.

bernard got halibut.
i like halibut.
i also like to say the word halibut.
it has a nice ring to it.

okay that's all for day one.
now i will go and watch bones because bones is now my life.

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