Monday, May 09, 2011

So, what happens next?

Hi friends, I have unofficially graduated. I have no exams and I have submitted everything that has to be submitted for like, whatever mod...

Hi friends,

I have unofficially graduated. I have no exams and I have submitted everything that has to be submitted for like, whatever mods I've taken over the past sem. I have also completed all my presentations.

That was as of Tuesday. I haven't really decided how life post-school is because of the elections. But it seems to me that post-academic life consists of catching up on many Bones episodes that I have missed.

I really quite like Bones. It is intellectually stimulating and also rather humorous at times.
Also it is scary enough but not overly scary. So um, it's moderately thrilling to keep me captivated but not scary enough to prevent me from watching it. I just, tweet about my anxieties when i watch the show and someone is about to be hit/stabbed/found dead and covered in maggots.

Another good part of the show is that David Boreanaz is in it.

David boreanaz is the man that looks like angel from Buffy theVampire Slayer. As he was angel in BTVS. However, if you had no life and have never watched Buffy in your life, he is the handsomest guy in the photo (but usually he looks more handsome than this).

Anyway, I feel that it is unnecessary for me to blog about my FYP presentation as it is already over.
but I would like to blog about some friends.

This is Vanessa Frances Paul. She is very good. I went to many concerts with her. I also did my FYP with her. And also my hair. And also many other things. She is very good.

Speaking of concerts, we went to seeT-Pain together. T-Pain is an idiot and a pain in the ass seriously.
His gig was supposed to be from 9:30 to 12:30. He started playing at 1:30am. Why?! Because he was busy drinking alcohol in the VIP area. GAH. T-Pain. Flo Rida and Timbaland all the way.

But here are some photos of us and also T-Pain in case you do not know how fat and not very handsome he is (I'm being objective here). But more photos of us first so that you have pretty people to look at before you see T-Pain.

AND OKAY NOW FOR SOME T-PAIN. Those with sunglasses first.

And now slowly you may see his face.

PLS. I wasn't lying right? Flo Rida was so much better. He was on time, and handsome and muscular. And I got to touch him for a longer time. I only touched this T-Pain's hand for like 2 seconds.

So yeah. That was pretty much my experience with T-Pain at Arena.

But T-Pain can dance though, and his shoes were quite nice.

Okay so that was T-Pain's concert, one of the many things I went for with this good Nessie.

Also I must put Jason's photo here as he is handsome and awesome and was feeling bitchy today.

also here are the people who made life happy in and out of school.

I would especially like to thank this person as he is very good and wonderful.

This bear is the bearst.

I don't really like NTU, but I really like WKWSCI. Okay this is all. I will go back to watching Bones now.


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