Friday, July 02, 2010

Hi, I am very broke.

hello friends. i am now a very broke person thanks to the repercussions of online shopping. let me show you my damage. okay, rephrase. let m...

hello friends.
i am now a very broke person thanks to the repercussions of online shopping.
let me show you my damage.
let me show you SOME of my damage.

in my defence,
i loved cookie monster as a kid,
the food fight shirt is like, LOOK AT IT, IT IS SO CUTE,
the london shirt must be nice since danielle also bought it,
and like, i bought other shirts but i had to make it an even number because,
buy 1 get 1 50% off which is why the paris shirt is there but it is also nice what.

this is only some of the damage.
not inclusive of what i bought the other day at vivo of course.
let me tell you about my rather FAIL shopping trip.
(i have to service this laptop. the non-functional "L" key is driving me nuts.)

so i went to vivo to buy 2 pairs of shoes.
a pedder red one and a fred perry one.
pedder red didnt have my size.
the fred perry counter didn't have my shoe.
so i journeyed to fred perry ion.
then i walked to isetan's fred perry counter.
then i travelled to fred perry cine.
i also went to pedder red at taka but...
and this pedder red shoe was such a wonderful pair of wedges.
and it was in such a nice colour.
and i waited 6 months for it to go on sale.
$140 down from $200.
luck is just not on my side.

i was very upset over the fred perry shoes also.
i came home to find them SOLD OUT on ASOS okay.
lucky for me,
there is always amazon.

and since bernard's uncle is coming back from the states soon,
he wil help me bring my wonderful shoes back!
(together with my f21 loot and ax stuff and what not.)

yes you see,
online shopping is very bad.
it makes me spend lots of money on nice clothes and shoes.
but it is okay.
you see i bought this tshirt that will justify EVERYTHING.

you see when i wear this shirt i will remember that i love everything that i have bought and be contented and happy with them forever.
yes such is my logic.
also like,
forever 21 was having this 4th of july sale.
it would be criminal not to make use of it.

oh yes so anyway the other day i went shopping for 2 pairs of shoes but came back with 2 skirts and many lemon puffs to eat.

so anyway!
back to bintan!
i love this bintan place.
like there is nothing to do but laze around in the sun ALL DAY.
but after you laze in the sun you have to eat of course,
which is what bernard and i did.

so this is us at some restaurant.
it was a buffet spread for their PERSIAN AND ARABIAN NIGHT.
not very good,
everything was chickenchickenchickenchickenchickenchickenchickenchicken.
service was crap.
but oh well!
we got 2 buffets for the price of 1 because bernard knows what to say when it comes to huge quantities of food.

so since it was just $20 per person and we felt like we had beaten the system,
we were quite happy with crappy food.
anyway we had champagne in the room because bernard was nice.

we also had a camera so we camwhored.
this is my favourite camwhore photo okay.
granted we do not look very smart/intellectual/pretty/handsome.
but i am sure that everyone knows that we are all of the above so it is okay.

the breakfast buffet held at the same place the next day was rather awesome however.
(which is damn strange because it was complimentary as compared to $40 per head.)
so they had everything,
beehoon to cereal,
chicken curry to pancakes,
omelettes to donuts!
anyway the omelettes were very good.
bernard even went to scout out the best chef to make our omelettes for us.

bernard and his eggs.

ater breakfast we headed to the beach to suntan.
i told you,
there is nothing to do in bintan but tan and eat.
but to make it fair,
we had tanned at the pool the ay before and this was our first time tanning on the beach!

it got very hot during tanning so bernard went to the beach bar to get us a drink.
or possibly illusion.
blue caracao, vodka, malibu, midori and peach schnapps.
bernard made me memorise it in fear that he forget and not be able to recreate it back home.

so after tanning we decided to climb onto a big rock.
and this is me on the rock.
because i have no imagination,
this is my not very imaginative pose.
(yet again.)

as usual bernard did better.

oh well.
at least i have a photo which kinda,sorta,shoulda ressembes ladygaga's expression.
although i am not very sure if i should be proud of that.

also bernard took a picture next to this al terrain vehicle because it matched his shorts.
(okay i made that up. but it does match his shorts right?)

also i am rather sleepy now.
and yeserday bernard cooked me pasta.
bernard is always cooking food for me.
i have only cooked for him once.
long live bernard and his cooking.

(also i really love URBAN OUTITTERS.
they sell many cool things like:

this awesome cocktail chemistry set.
someone please buy this for either me or my bf and then we can have mad scientist alcohol parties.
thank you.)

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